I studied chemistry and marketing at university. I did my honours in chemistry and did a research project on DNA nano-shuttles. DNA nano-shuttles, put simply are synthetic doughnut shaped proteins that mimic toroidal proteins that catalyse DNA replication, repair and recombination.  Alas, after smelling stinky sulphur for a year, which I believe has dulled my sense of smell forever, I ended up with no building blocks let alone a DNA nano-shuttles. But what I did come away with was profound respect for scientists.


Scientists are the silent heroes of history. Through their hard work and dedication, they open up doors that keep advancing society in leaps and bounds. Where would we be without penicillin, the discovery of electricity and the internet? Scientists make us stop in awe and amazement when they accomplish feats like landing a man on the moon, or revealing the human genome. 


And yet, they receive so little limelight. They slog away at their benches, with little funding, and poor job security, often only taking incremental steps, and adding what may seem like a few cents to the bank of knowledge. I tip my hat to them, and dedicate my writing to these unsung legends.

DNA nanoshuttle